HOUSE SHALOM (Evangelist King, Pastor)


School of the Spirit

A tree is known by its fruit. We too shall be known by our fruit. If we are righteous we shall yield good works, but if we are corrupt we shall produce evil deeds. One of God’s objectives for the saints on planet Earth is to bear fruit and that this fruit should remain. Due to the generous donations of others, you can now listen to School of the Spirit without a suggested donation. Join others to keep this program FREE to all by donating today! Shalom †

Lesson 1: Introduction
Lesson 2: The Mystery of Bearing Spiritual Fruit
Lesson 3: The Difference Between the Gifts, Fruit and Beatitudes
Lesson 4: Fruit of the Spirit vs The Lusts of the Flesh
Lesson 5: The Fruit of Love
Lesson 6: The Fruit of Joy
Lesson 7: The Fruit of Peace
Lesson 8: The Fruit of Longsuffering
Lesson 9: The Fruit of Gentleness
Lesson 10: The Fruit of Goodness
Lesson 11: The Fruit of Faith
Lesson 12: The Fruit of Meekness
Lesson 13: The Fruit of Temperance