HOUSE SHALOM (Evangelist King, Pastor)


School of the Spirit

One of the greatest promises given to the Believer in the Word of God is that given by Jesus just prior to His leaving this earth. The ministry of the Holy Spirit came to mankind in a whole new way on the Day of Pentecost in that tiny upper room in Jerusalem. There is nothing greater for the child of God to desire than to be filled with power of the Holy Spirit. In these lessons, we will learn to know Who He is, what He brings into our life, how to live according to His wisdom and insight and what the experience of being baptized in the Holy Spirit means to us. Due to the generous donations of others, you can now listen to School of the Spirit without a suggested donation. Join others to keep this program FREE to all by donating today! Shalom †

Lesson 1: The Person of the Holy Spirit
Lesson 2: The Productivity of the Holy Spirit
Lesson 3: The Perspective of the Holy Spirit
Lesson 4: The Power of the Holy Spirit