It's Time to Get Up from the Table and Get to Work!


As human beings, we require nourishment to continue this physical existence.  That is how we were created.


 We go out and work, play, exercise, and develop an appetite, a craving for food and drink.  We look forward to "replenishing and refueling" our bodies.  We enjoy the different flavors and tastes.  We savor the aroma in the air.  Our thanksgiving meals are a prime example.  We smell the turkey (baking/roasting) in the oven along with the pies, biscuits and other foods.  We are willing to wait for the food to get done so that we can fill our stomachs with it.  On such occasions, we usually get so full that sometimes we may become ill. 


Oftentimes, we just get full and all we want to do is to sit back and relax or collapse on the sofa and go to sleep.  We've gone without, while waiting to be fed.  Supper has come and gone and we struggle to get up.  We struggle to stay awake.  This is our physical nature.  But what about our spiritual nature?  Do we desire to be fed? 


Once we're fed, then what?

 Spiritually, we need to be fed as well.  Once we realize that our spiritual well-being is more important than our physical well-being, we come to see the importance of spiritual food.  We obtain our spiritual food from our Heavenly Father. 


He has made a way for us to be fed spiritually.  In most towns and cities, there are churches in every community.  Some have a church on every corner.  And for those who are unable to "get out" and go to church, God has allowed the television to be used to reach them, as well as audio cassette and video cassette tapes. As well as Social Media Platforms like Facebook, YouTube and more that are available on the Internet.

  God provided the scriptures or written word to be used as a tool to feed his "sheep".  

The Bible contains the bread of life, inspired by God.  God has also provided his Holy Spirit as a "river of living water".  

He gave his only begotten son to pay the price or penalty for our sins.

God has ministers who serve him by serving those who desire to be fed spiritually.  The fullness that comes by over-eating physically does not exist spiritually! 



Because God has seen fit not to allow everyone to understand everything that he has to say.  We can "eat" God's word all we want, yet we will never become "overstuffed" or "too full".  God has blessed us all with food or "bread from heaven" and promises to keep us full.  

God wants us to desire to be fed. 

Yet, fed in the right way!  We seek his wisdom, not to be "boastful," but to be "fruitful."


 When we hear a sermon, that contains the truth that comes from God Almighty, we are being fed!  We are sitting at the table with God eating a well-balanced meal.  We should be savoring every "bite" as our "spiritual" stomachs are being fed.

 Week after week we are inspired, motivated, and encouraged by the "food" we receive.  Yet after a while, the "food" starts to "taste the same".  That savor is not there. 


For example — Go to your favorite restaurant six days in a row and order the exact same meal.

Don't tell anyone how much you are enjoying it. 

Yes, you're enjoying every bit of it, but you are the only one enjoying it!  It's time to get up from the table and get to work!  When we hear the word of God, we are (and should be) "recharged" and ready to get up and "go to work"!  Put the savor of the food back in by getting up and sharing your excitement and enjoyment of God's "spiritual nourishment" with others.  Get up and go to work!


God has blessed each of us with a gift and/or talent that is to be used for His glorification.  When we are fed and "replenished", we should be busy sharing that "nourishment" with others.  Working spiritually should be more important than working physically.  God has provided the nourishment for us and does not want us to keep sitting at the table getting lazy and too full. 

He wants us to — Get Up from the Table and Get to Work!


You may be wondering, "Get to work?"  Yes, get to work.  After being nourished by the word of God, we have the awesome responsibility of sharing it with others.  All too often we refuse to do things that would be a blessing to others.  We put it aside by saying, "God will take care of the situation," or "God will provide."  And He does — always!  Sometimes by using you and me.



Have you ever wondered why you may have been compelled to go to a particular location, or contact someone you haven't seen or heard from in a while? 


Or have you ever experienced what you thought was a difficulty or even a trial that God allowed for you? 

All these things happen to create a stronger more faithful Christian. 

What does this have to do with work? 

God has been preparing us to be able to help others who may be going through certain things in their lives that we've already been through.  And by the grace of God, we have survived and are able to become an example or a support for someone.

Sometimes we must experience things in the physical sense in order to understand the spiritual.  Our Heavenly Father is the ultimate Equal Opportunity Employer and has given us a tremendous job to do.  My brothers and sisters in Christ, let's join in love and humility and get "about our Father's business". 


We've eaten long enough! 

It's time to get to work!

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